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The Center for Research and Training in Neurosurgery presents the Research Hotbed . It constitutes a novel opportunity for undergraduate students to develop research skills and projects focused on neurosurgery and neuroscience. 

The Research Hotbed does not produce remuneration. However, the student may receive support to participate in conferences and research events according to the service’s feasibility study.

The Research Hotbed’s primary function is to actively participate in CIENHUS research projects to develop basic and intermediate epidemiology competencies under the general director’s constant supervision, the scientific director, neurosurgery faculty, and neurosurgery residents, and research Assistants.

Research projects in which Research Hotbed may participate:

  • Case reports

  • Case series

  • Descriptive studies

  • Analytic studies 

  • Narrative reviews

  • Systematic review 

  • Innovation projects 

Note: Research Hotbed will be admitted to participate in the courses offered by CIEN.

General Purpose

Contribute to undergraduate students’ education with critical, analytical, creative, and innovative thinking at the service of generating knowledge in ​​neuroscience, using the foundations of scientific knowledge and the tools offered by research methods.

Application Requirements

  • Be a second to a fifth-year medical student.

  • Provide a 500-word essay about a topic related to neurosurgery or neurosciences.

  • Submit a copy of the Curriculum vitae with a document-size color photo.

  • Provide a letter of intent.

  • Attend an interview.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the English language.

Admission Process

The candidates interested in being part of the Research Hotbed will be selected, taking into account their required documents, academic excellence, strong interest in neurosciences, teamwork abilities, and research skills.

Other Conditions for Admission

In case of being selected as a new Research Hotbed, the candidate must sign a confidentiality agreement.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at

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